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Vegan Meal Plans

Never worry about vegan meal planning ever again!

How It Works

Receive the Weekly Resources

Every week our super amazing algorithm creates you a new meal plan and shopping list.

Go Shopping

We segment our shopping list by ingredient types to make shopping a breeze. We also minimize wastage to save you money!

Cook and Eat

Our recipes are all fast, simple, delicious and healthy. You can just focus on enjoying them.

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Weekly Meal Plans


The team lovingly craft a new vegan meal plan every week and send it directly to your email inbox. We also have a login area where you can download your meal plans and click through to the recipes.

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Printable Shopping Lists


Shopping, it's a pain right? While we haven't quite figured out a way to do that for you yet, we can at least give you nice itemized shopping lists. Broken down by supermarket section. We send it to you every week along with your meal plan. Todoist and Wunderlist users can choose to have the list exported directly into their to-do list.

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Nutritional Breakdowns

FOR EVERY MEAL automatically calculates the nutritional information for each and every meal. Not only protein, carbs and fat, but also vitamins and minerals. Soon we'll be adding detailed reports where you can track this on a weekly basis. Of course these stats are only estimations, as there is variance between locations and brands, but they're still great to send to concerned family members next time they start telling you how unhealthy it is to be vegan.

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What our awesome customers say

I was sceptical before trying this, but the results have been amazing. I'm definitely going to continue eating a vegan diet.

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