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Spelt Semolina with Oat Milk and Plum

Spelt Semolina with Oat Milk and Plum

When you want a light and quick breakfast, brunch, or just a snack. Semolina porridge is just what you need. It's all these combined in one. It's kinda funny because there was a time in my life that I thought I couldn't live without a bagel and large cup of coffee or breakfast. Long as I had them... I was good to go. I'm sure... you can relate.

It was this way of thinking that made me cringe at the thought of eating healthy – missing my yummy onion bagel with Philly cream cheese and Columbian coffee! Guess what? I'm still here! I'm still alive to share this amazing healthy vegan recipe with you.

With that being said, I'm going to tell you about semolina.

Going through my cupboards the other day... I came across a bag of semolina that I purchased awhile back to make a vegan Basbousa which is actually a Middle Eastern rich cake that's soaked in syrup I know, not healthy) for a party, but I never got around to making it.

So, I got to wondering what could I make that was not only delicious, but healthy too. I decided to go through some of my grandmother's recipes, and I came across semolina porridge. I was in awe, because I couldn't recall her ever making it.

Well of course... I didn't stop there.... it sounded so good that I decided to make right then. And I gotta tell you, I was amazed how much better it tasted than I imagined when I had read the recipe. It was as if I were eating a desert rather than semolina porridge.

For those of you that don't have a clue what Semolina is... I'll tell you. Semolina is the fine grain that can be traced to the durum wheat and is high in fiber which is necessary for you to have a healthy digestion, it contains Thiamin which is needed for your muscle functions and nerve conductions, and Selenium which helps regulate your thyroid. It's the teeny tiny grain that can be found in the center of wheat.

It is actually similar to cornmeal and polenta in its grain form as well as when cooked. In Greek desserts, semolina is used as custard filling for pastries. While, Polish people cook semolina porridge for breakfast for their children.

It can actually be cooked in milk, water, or a combination of both. It can also be made as thin or as thick and as sweet as you want it to be. It is absolutely delicious and I am not using them words lightly at all! Talk about healthy, simple, and loaded with flavor all wrapped in one. Semolina Porridge is it!

Of course, I can't live off of Semolina Porridge alone, but whenever I get the chance to sit down and enjoy a bowl or two. I enjoy every bit of it to the very last bite. Secret... I always add different berries and/or seeds to change it up a bit, but it it's totally awesome any which way.

You can find the recipe here! I'd love to share some with you right now! Just leave your address in the comments below and I'll be there in a jiff. Actually, I am just kidding, I am going to go make myself some right now.


Prep time
5 minutes
Total time
Category: Breakfast
Serves: 1
Allergens: Cilantro, Gluten


For the breakfast

  • ½ tsp ground coriander
  • 1½ cups oat milk
  • 3 tbsps spelt semolina

For the topping

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • ¼ cup walnuts (roasted)

For the fruit

  • 1 plum (remove stone and slice)


  1. Heat up the oat milk in a small pot on medium heat.
  2. Sprinkle the spelt semolina and coriander into the oat milk while its boiling.
  3. Stir for about 1 minute and set a side to cool down.
  4. Heat up a frying pan and add the walnuts and the maple syrup, fry until caramelised four about a minute.
  5. Add the fruit and the topping to breakfast semolina and enjoy

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